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Ed Baker. 978-0-9561919-6-0 £15.95 / $24.99 525 pages
Large Format: 8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 280 cm



Leafe Press are excited to announce the publication of this major work by American poet and artist Ed Baker. "Stone Girl E-Pic" is a remarkable visual and minimalist poem, in which Baker's drawings are integrated with, and indeed, form part of, the poem itself. Baker is "in that stream of & flows with" the Objectivist and the Black Mountain poets, and is part of a circle of poets that includes Cid Corman and Theodore Enslin.

" is work that manages to retain all the elements and yet make contemporary Vispo look very empty, leaving the reader to look for the essentials of a more tradition-based visual poetry: a minimalism that matters and the most purely 'concrete' art that ever illustrated text. Writing that cuts to the bone, iconoclastic and original, and a 'Stone Girl' art sprung out of the lines themselves. Writing and art on Baker's terms."

Conrad DiDiodato



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UMA, Lady of the Mountains

(meaning 'light', Lady of the Mountains. Uma, Mountain-goddess, shows us how to balance our many aspects. Beautiful and (benignly) powerful, she is also known as Shakti,Parvati (consort of Shiva), Ambika,Annapurna, Bhairavi, Candi, Gauri, Durga, Jagadmatai (Mother of the World), Kali, Kanyakumari,Kumari, Mahadevi, and Syama).

Her name refers to her being born daughter of Himavan (Himalaya), lord of the mountains. Beautiful, gentle, powerful - consort of Shiva, mother of Ganesh, Kartikeya, Saraswati and Laxshmi, she encompasses their powers / exudes a tranquil, serene beauty / provides a calm within / symbol of many noble traditional (Hindu) virtues: fertility, marital felicity, spousal devotion, asceticism and power. It is said in the SAIMDARUA LAHIRI that she is the source of all power in the universe and because of her, Lord Shiva gets all of his powers. She is often depicted as half of Lord Shiva: I do not know which half.

Now you'll find, in addition to the newly uploaded book of sketches, Uma, a new batch of photographs. This latest batch is a 2007 walk-thru of art as it is currently displayed. The images are clickable in case you'd care for a closer look at a particular piece.


-a thesis-
Johns Hopkins 1971

now on my site -

-"a vibrant ARS POETICA. Letter III is climax: by far the best, and the climax pops."

-Elliott Coleman (1971)

"I like esp:

'it is reduced to history... it is HARMLESS'

You are moving pretty freely. Pluses."

-Elliott Coleman (1971)

- "You are very busy. Want to stay for lunch."

-John Cage (1972)

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Afterward by: Carl Rakosi (letter)

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Availble Autumn 2008 from Country Valley Press.

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